A summer update from Sue

Monday July 5th saw many of the members gathered on The Gruffy to mark Frontline Workers’ Day and raise a cheer for the centenary of Sanderstead WI. This was a timely reminder, if one were needed, on the 73rd Birthday of the NHS, that, in addition to those who work in the NHS, we could acknowledge the role played by Bus Drivers, the Emergency Services and Police, Refuse Collectors, Shop Workers and Teachers over the last eighteen months; we owe all a debt of gratitude. Please take time to look through the photographs on the website; as one member said ‘It was so good to see everyone & have a chat with different people for a change……’

Intrigued by the title ‘The Gruffy’ I did some research; it is a dialect word from Somerset and means uneven ground. That is certainly true of our space, a walk across its middle point leads to wet feet for the unwary as rain collects in some of the dips.

The care that has been given to the rose bed in the library garden is another reason for thanks and celebration. Planted in 1981 for the Diamond Jubilee of our WI the contemporaneous photograph in the local paper shows Gay Baldwin, President at that time, spade in hand planting one of the bushes.

A team of WI gardeners has pruned, weeded and planted the lavender kindly donated by a member. It was thought that watering might be a problem and the group has been diligent in arriving with full bottles but we have had rather more rain than expected. Even though the best of the display has passed do, please, have a look (nearby has been a stand of Bee Orchids). Many thanks to those who have made the refreshing possible.

There is currently much discussion about the future of Sanderstead library; if you live in Sanderstead please do involve yourself.

Our groups are reforming and meetings in person for walks, table tennis and chatting have been happening for a while. We hope to meet for the first time at the URC in September. However before that, on Aug. 4th, 1230 – 1500, we have the Summer Picnic on The Gruffye – please ensure you have registered your attendance with your telephone tree contact. St. Mary’s is holding its Christmas Tree Festival this year and there is the Big Green Week in September; do send in any ideas for activities for the latter and themes for the former.

Have a safe and happy summer.