Good news

Since I took over as Acting President of our WI in November 2021, until we could find another willing member to fill the President’s shoes – November, December, January and February slipped by, with none of our 77 members stepping up to the president’s role.  Many members expressed their great sadness that we might close after 101 years.  THEN one very busy committed member stepped forward, to work, initially, under the guidance of one of our past Presidents and myself.  Hoorah!  Our thriving WI can continue to grow, engage in a variety of activities and inspire others.

I will be stepping down once more at the end of March, after taking the helm of the WI for the third time, but still remaining as an active member.  We are very grateful for members who volunteer their ideas, talents and help in a variety of ways, this is why our WI has survived in Sanderstead for so long.  However, we mustn’t be complacent, we need to look to the future and be open-minded in order to continue for the next 100 years!   

I am very grateful for the full support of our excellent Committee, and not forgetting our wonderful members.  Thank you to you all. 

Margaret Q.