The Human Race 

It’s a race against time, a race to survive
A race to give our race a place we can thrive
We’re bound for extinction unless we rebel
Will we be the winners? The future will tell.

We’re stifled by heat waves  and battered by storms
Records are broken, extremes become norms
We’re drowning in floods, we’re choking in fumes
Lands turn to ash as a wild fire consumes.

All nations on earth have to join in this race
We all must try harder to increase the pace
So strain every sinew and go even faster
Every step forward helps stave off disaster.

It’s a race against time, a race we could lose
Two tracks lie ahead, so which will we choose?
We must focus our minds aware how time flies
It’s an obstacle race with life as its prize.

 Monica C. Sept 2021
 This poem will be sent to the Prime Minister with an accompanying letter from Sanderstead WI urging him and the Government to `strain every sinew` to ensure that COP 26 is effective.

October WI meeting-Table Decoration

Created by Hazel at our October meeting which had craft sessions led by some of our members.

Bulb planting by Sanderstead Library on 11 th October 2021

Thank you to all those members who kindly donated money for the bulbs.

Examples of patches for the 100th Anniversary Cloth

The patches made by Margaret and Doreen are examples of what our Members are creating to make a tablecloth with all our names on to commemorate our  WI’s 100th Anniversary this year. 

In addition to this tablecloth we are creating another which will be a white version. This was available for members to sign their names on at the Summer Picnic on 4 August and at the October Meeting. Those that can embroider will apply a suitable embroidery stich over the names. We plan to display both tablecloths at one of our meetings.

Some Photos from members’ gardens and local walks in 2021

Some of the wonderful creations of our members

Pauline P’s

Carol M’s

Carol M’s

Lee’s first attempt at painting with acrylics following a Surrey Federation WI  organised lesson on Zoom 

 `Eastern Jewels` – a Persian tile blanket created by member Joan W.