Group Leaders





Art ‘n’ Craft

Meeting monthly on Mondays. Please check the latest Newsletter for dates.

Margaret Q.

07379 856712

Book Club

Meeting on the last Thursday of the month at 11.30am at the White Lion, Warlingham. Please check the Newsletter for the date of the next meeting.


07984 112804


Meeting monthly. Please check the Newsletter for the date of the next meeting.

Margaret Q.

07379 856712

Costa Coffee Club

Mondays at 10.30am at Knights Garden Centre but please contact Pat to confirm.


0208 657 7663



0208 657 7663

International Lunch Club

Meeting on the third Thursday of the month,. Please check the Newsletter for the date of the next meeting  and contact Sheila to book your place.


0208 686 1590


Members’ suggestions for future outings and events are welcome. Please contact our Outings Coordinator,  with your ideas. Support will be given to you to help organise the outing.  Dates of future outings will be announced in the newsletter, and/or at meetings and will include  booking details.

TBC-please refer to the Co- Presidents

Scrabble for Fun

Meeting on the last Wednesday of the month at the Horseshoe, Warlingham 2-4pm


0208 651 3269

Table Tennis 

Meeting weekly on Wednesdays from 10am – 12pm at the All Saints Church Hall, Sanderstead. Please contact Linda in advance to confirm if you are attending.


0208 657 6095

 Sanderstead Strollers

Meeting on the second Thursday of the month at East Croydon station for a stroll locally or a train up to London for a stroll there.  Please check the Newsletter for the latest date.


0208 657 7663

 Walking Group

Meeting on a Thursday of the month (tbc) We walk circa 6 miles at a good pace, mostly in London. Members should be prepared to suggest and lead a walk. 


0208 651 4102

The Gardening Group

Meeting monthly – days and times vary- to look after the rose bed by Sanderstead Library

Kate and Jill (photo of Jill)

Contact details withheld

The Games Group

Meeting on Tuesdays monthly and in the winter months the hours will be 1pm to 3.30pm – refer to the latest newsletter for the date of the next meeting.

Contact the Secretary if any queries

Contact details withheld